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The world we live in today where everyone banks, shops, emails, download and upload, your personal information is everywhere  Your employer, your doctor, dentist, the government, the mortgage company, all have your personal information. Anytime you use a computer, go online or use a mobile device, you're at risk of identity theft. And, with more and more technology along with an increasing number of data breaches, it's becoming more difficult to keep your personal information safe which makes the choice safe, simple, and secure for you and your Family.

Your Identity Theft Recovery Service comes complete with:

 Fully Managed, Family Identity Theft Restoration coverage
$25,000.00  Expense Reimburesment
Lost Wallet Service
 Internet Monitoring.
Black Market surveillance
Public / Private database address monitoring
Security Freeze
Insurance Report
Protect your family today for only

USA ID Recovery
Member Login
Data Breach
Reaction and Response
You suffered a breach... Now What?
The cost to a company that experiences a data breach is devastating and can actually cause some companies to go bankrupt!
Small Businesses are at risk of Data Breaches
Insider risk is the main cause of all breaches
Data Breach Protection and Response Service for the Auto Industry helps protect your dealership from the risks and expenses of data breaches and identity theft with breach monitoring, employee identity theft protection, and included breach response and victim notification and recovery services.

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