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The world we live in today where everyone banks, shops, emails, download and upload, your personal information is everywhere  Your employer, your doctor, dentist, the government, the mortgage company, all have your personal information. Anytime you use a computer, go online or use a mobile device, you're at risk of identity theft. And, with more and more technology along with an increasing number of data breaches, it's becoming more difficult to keep your personal information safe which makes the choice safe, simple, and secure for you and your Family.

Your Identity Theft Recovery Service comes complete with:

 Fully Managed, Family Identity Theft Restoration coverage
$25,000.00  Expense Reimburesment
Lost Wallet Service
 Internet Monitoring.
Black Market surveillance
Public / Private database address monitoring
Security Freeze
Insurance Report
Protect your family today for only

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Data Breach
Reaction and Response
You suffered a breach... Now What?
The cost to a company that experiences a data breach is devastating and can actually cause some companies to go bankrupt!
  1. Assess
    Breach Preparadness Are you doing the right things to avoid a breach? Do you have a plan of action should a breach occur? Business Identity Management has the tools you need to assess your risk of breach, adopt best practice policies, and build a response plan. Employee Background Checks Data breaches can be inside jobs. While background checks do not guarantee prevention of employee-initiated breaches, they can increase the chances that you are hiring trustworthy employees. Business Identity Management subscribers receive 25% off an unlimited number of standard criminal background checks and setup fees are included in your subscription
  2. Monitor
    Credential Monitoring Monitoring provides continuous updates and alerts of your credit risk and what other companies see when evaluating your business. Analysis includes changes in business credit risk scores and trends. An unwarranted increase in risk scores could indicate misuse of your business credentials by someone posing as your business. Cyber Monitoring No matter how diligent you are, your sensitive financial data could be exposed. Creditors, vendors, and customers have access to sensitive data on your business. We scan millions of websites and data points for the proprietary business financial data you specify, such as bank accounts, routing numbers, and corporate credit and debit card information. Owner Identity Management Policy
  3. Respond
    Breach Response We provide a hotline that evaluates risk and determines response based on specific state requirements. Forensics experts are available for an extra fee when warranted, plus we build a custom response plan which will recommend steps such as: notification letters, PR plan, call center services, a notification website and post-recovery credit monitoring resolution services. These services are available for an additional fee. $100,000 Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Even the most diligent companies may experience a breach. Coverage through Business Identity Management can reduce the financial burden responding to a breach may place on your company. Covered costs include legal fees, regulatory fines, and public relations expense
Small Businesses are at risk of Data Breaches
Insider risk is the main cause of all breaches
Even if your business has the latest cyber security, a threat can come internally from employee fraud or negligence. No service or software can totally prevent a business data breach, especially if the source is internal to the business, but our Business Identity Management can show you ways to reduce your risk. If a breach does occur that requires remediation, we have services available for an additional fee. The insurance included with your policy can reimburse you for many of these remediation service charges. Please see the policy summary for details